Maggie English-Flanagan
Candidate for Maine State House District 37
Frankfort, Prospect, Searsport, Stockton Springs & Winterport

About Maggie

Winterport Town Councilor Ready to Get to Work in Augusta


In Waldo County, towns are small and we all mostly know each other. We share experiences together and we face the same issues. We pride ourselves on our family and our work-ethic, we appreciate our unique small businesses and we all love to be outside enjoying our special corner of Maine. I have served on the Board of the Union Meeting House where we have respect for this building and all of the history that has taken place inside. We need a legislator that appreciates Maine in the State House.

When talking with my neighbors, we may not always agree but we always respect each other's opinions. I get it - we’re all very frustrated with a lot of decisions being made by politicians who are unwilling to work together. I believe that learning and growing as a person is a lifelong process and it is the best way to develop a truly well-rounded perspective seeing any issue at hand from many different people’s eyes. As a Winterport Town Councilor, I haven’t always taken the easy solution or the Democrat solution, but the right solution. That’s the culture that I’ll bring to Augusta as your State Representative.

If elected, I promise I will always work for everyone in my district and will remember who sent me to Augusta - the voters in Frankfort, Prospect, Searsport, Stockton Springs, and Winterport.

On the Issues


Changes in the way we conduct our business and personal lives, and education, has highlighted the urgent need for both broadband availability and quality of service. The infrastructure must be upgraded and extended.


We must protect our air, our water, and our land. This will ensure longer and healthier lives, and the beauty of Earth for ourselves and our children. There will come a time when it will be too late, and we don't want that time to come

Property Taxes

Taxation is necessary for the common good, but should not be so burdensome that we cannot afford to own our homes


Comprehensive, affordable healthcare is a human right. No one should ever have to choose between a medical visit and food, housing, or education. Insurance companies and employers should not have the ability to refuse coverage for well woman or contraceptive care in any circumstances


Education is a cornerstone of a successful society. It fosters community, inclusiveness, cooperation, and new, innovative ideas. Quality and affordability are key.

Safe Workplaces

The ability to organize and use collective bargaining is necessary for workers. Statistics show that union members have better working conditions, more pay equality, more fair work rules, and higher job satisfaction.

Community Support

Hon. Scott Cuddy

As a Town Councilor, Maggie knows our issues. She's got the skills a person needs to be a success in Augusta. She'll never back down!

Wendy Wallace

If you really want to see things get done, just watch Maggie go!!

Sunny Campbell

Maggie has shown a deep commitment to our community through her service and leadership. She will be a great advocate for our region at the State House!

Ann Ronco

It's great to have someone who wants to work with everyone and not because they agree with their politics



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